photo 5 (5)When it comes to your next bounce house rental, the operative word is "fun". But you also want to make sure that it is safe as possible.

At Bounce House Monkey Site, providing a safe, clean and enjoyable environment is our top priority. That's why we take extra precautions that go above and beyond standard industry protocols to ensure that you and your loved ones are having a safe -- and fun -- time with your bounce house rental.

  • Weather -- A bounce house rental should only be operational during calm, pleasant weather conditions. Because of the inherent dangers, a bounce house rental should never be used during lightning storms, in high winds, or during other weather conditions that could present dangerous conditions.
  • Installation -- A bounce house rental needs to be securely anchored to the ground to prevent it from tipping over during use. At Bounce House Monkey Site, we recommend using 30- to 40-inch heavy duty metal stakes to anchor inflatables to the ground so that it is practically impossible for them to tip during playtime.
  • Supervision -- A bounce house rental is not a substitute for parental or adult supervision. Children often become extremely excited when in a bounce house rental, so grown-ups need to be on the lookout for accidental collisions, rough play, and fighting.
  • Security -- While every precaution is taken to make sure your next bounce house rental is both fun and safe, at Bounce House Monkey Site we can provide proof of insurance and records of state inspections upon request.

Our goal at Bounce House Monkey Site is for children of all ages to have a fun and enjoyable experience during your next bounce house rental. But it's even more important to us that they play safely and that nobody get hurt.

Safety is everybody's concern. Let's partner up to make sure your next bounce house rental is both safe and fun.


Little girl

Bounce House Fort Lauderdale will see to it that your party preparation will go smoothly and on schedule

Bounce houses are colorful, attractive, full of fun, and enjoyable. They are also safe and clean. We see to it that they are in perfect condition every time we deliver and install them. South Florida Party Rentals' routine includes an inspection before and after every party celebration; that way nothing spoils your kids’ festivities. Our Bounce House Fort Lauderdale Service staff sees to it that everything is in order and the entertainment will go nonstop from the first jump to the last landing.  It’s a matter of constant vigilance on our part to ensure that everything goes on smoothly.

South Florida Party Rentals’ Bounce House Fort Lauderdale Service has always been known to deliver accident free party events. We love your children just as you love them.

Let me share with you one of our secrets: hard work. And another one is proper planning. There are several others more, but we feel that these two are tops. That’s right. They keep us on the move making sure that everything is in perfect order. Given the scope of our operation and how many times we are called out to deliver joy to the hearts of our young and delicate sweethearts, we never stop working until we’re 100% sure our inflatables are in perfect working order.

It’s not only our inflatables that we have to look after. We also have an army of cooks, bakers, decorators, transport drivers, snack providers, and so on that we have to manage. But to their credit, they have become self governing and can be left alone with confidence that they can perform the tasks assigned to them without close supervision.

Take our catering group, for example. They do their own marketing, cooking, and table preparations, including the decorations, providing the utensils, food containers, holders, heaters, chairs, and everything that goes into it. They give us the budget, we give them the money. Another group takes care of the snack preparations. The food machines are always perfectly clean and the food prepared in the most sanitary conditions. Hot dogs are cooked; marshmallows and chocolate fountains are checked; the popcorn is loaded; and the cotton candy is always a welcome addition.

Everything that you see during the party are prepared by separate groups and when the transport personnel haul them to the site, they are already in the full state of readiness. Then the assembling group takes over. They assemble all the party fun toys, tents, tables, chairs, and whatever requires assembling and preparing.

While the kids are having the time of their lives, the foods are slowly brought out just in case the guests are ready for the sumptuous meals that our Bounce House Fort Lauderdale Service chef cook has meticulously prepared assisted by his legion of expert assistants.

There you are. Our Bounce House Fort Lauderdale Service now has everything in place.

You don’t have to worry about anything. You will be our final arbiter; tell us if we forget something or if you have some last minute requests. Additional chairs, perhaps for some unexpected guests? No problem, your wish is our command.


Bounce House South Florida Service provides the most memorable celebrations that will linger in your kids’ minds for years to come

South Florida Party Rentals is one of those online businesses which believed in using the internet to promote its Bounce House South Florida rentals. It’s always fresh content every week in fact two to be exact. And business is booming. It’s true that having your own website and supplying it with weekly fresh contents really help in promoting their business I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than meets the eye. What you read in their website is actually what’s being done in the real world. We only feed our customers with what we actually do in our business and it’s all true.

Bounce House South Florida by South Florida Party Rentals has been in the promotional campaign for several years now and the results are encouraging both in viewership actual rentals.

Our customers’ response is getting bigger because what you read in our web contents are what you actually experience when you come and play with our inflatables. We don’t print what we don’t have or offer. What you read is what you get in terms of safety, health issues and most of all fun. Honesty is the best policy. That adage has worked handsomely for us in terms of rentals and income. We treat you, our customers, with much respect and we deal with you with utmost friendliness and courtesy. We know that without you we don’t stand a chance of surviving in this highly competitive business.

It is in this regard that we concentrate all our efforts to your full satisfaction. We don’t leave anything to chance. All our Bounce House South Florida equipment, services, party programs are geared towards giving you and your children the total enjoyment. No exceptions. We have complete lines of bounce houses, giant slides, obstacle courses, slam dunks, combos and giant castles. They’re not the ordinary kinds that you can buy anywhere else but they are commercial grade which it's purpose is first and foremost to provide first class entertainment. They are exquisitely printed with super heroes, cartoon characters and much more.

They are the cream of the crop. Nothing comes better than them in terms of entertainment value. The experience will live on with your children. Happy memories that will give them something to remember when they need some happy thoughts in time of distress. They are the best source of encouragement and strength later in life. I’m sure you have yours too. And you know that what I’m saying is true.

Don’t let money hinder you from building your child’s thought process making it stronger able to cope with negativeness in their young lives. You can talk to them about these happy memories and draw strength from them. And, when I say money, you don’t really have to worry about it.

We offer the cheapest Bounce House South Florida rental anywhere here in this beautiful place.

Give us a call or send us an email for a quick response. If your in need of fast service, Bounce House South Florida team can deal with it anytime. You will get the same service: safe and full of fun.

Joyful little girl has fun at inflatable attractions in park

Bounce House Boca Raton has more for your children this holiday season.

Sports have taken center stage at present. With both soccer and basketball taking the world by storm with their world final events, sports fans have become even more active these days. We have decided to include sports in our Bounce House Boca Raton by South Florida Party Rentals and let the children enjoy some more. In fact, we have them on our list of activities already. What we are planning is to make more improvements in order to give your children more options to enjoy the party. But even with all that, we’ll still have the bounce house as the center of attraction.

We have made more additions to our South Florida Party Rentals’ Bounce House Boca Raton Service offerings to keep your children happy.

Where there are bounce houses in a party you can expect children to be happy. Are there alternatives to bounce houses right now? As far as I am concerned, there will be none in the near future. Bounce houses will continue to enjoy the prosperity that they continue to experience right now. It’ll take a miracle to displace the bounce houses from where they are currently.

Give me one reason why children should stop playing with bounce houses and look for another fun toy. The bounce houses are becoming boring? No way. Bounce houses are dangerous? Nope. Bounce houses are expensive? Far from it. There’s no reason that I can think of that is credible enough for bounce houses to lose their popularity.

South Florida Party Rentals can’t be denied is one of the leading bounce house Boca Raton rentals here and in other places where it happens to operate. In its several years of operation it has never suffered any slow down. Through the years it has kept on expanding its field of operation by buying more of the latest inflatables, aside from adding more features, games, and activities in its pursuit of more service excellence.

They have never been remiss when it comes to making their party celebrations safe for everyone, especially the children; they also make an effort to maintain a healthy atmosphere, not only in maintaining cleanliness in their bounce houses, giant slides, obstacles and castles but also making sure that the snacks and foods they prepared are done in a perfect sanitary condition.

Here we can see that there are many underlying factors for the success of bounce house rental. It’s the all out effort and support of the operators, most especially South Florida Party Rentals, that they put into making the entire festivities the best there is and that parents and children can always expect a grand celebration in a safe and healthy atmosphere.

This coming holiday fun and frolics won’t be different for South Florida Party Rentals’ Bounce House Boca Raton Service. It’s going to be special with everybody experiencing a grand party time.

Don’t deny the children what they want the most, let them play with perfect happiness and we promise to make it worth their while. Nothing makes parents happier than seeing their kids happy and enjoying every minute of their life in happiness and contentment.

Bounce House Boca Raton Service is ready to provide you with the best Christmas party ever

What’s the best place to set up a bounce house? It should be in a safe place of course. It’s important that the crowd can also be easily controlled. It’s always the same problem for all theme parks, recreational parks, party celebrations and for whatever events there are. You should be able to keep the crowd happy and entertained. That’s what South Florida Party Rentals has always had in mind every time our bounce house Boca Raton service goes into action.

We always make it a point that our bounce house Boca Raton is always installed where everybody can move freely and fast if there’s a need for it.

The escape route is planned accordingly just in case there’s a fire nearby, an accident in the vicinity or other incidents in progress which doesn't involve our bounce house celebration. A fight may break out well within the surroundings but we have a contingency plan ready for whatever happens and we’ll know how to handle the kids and reunite them with their parents right away.

It’s also important to know the direction where the wind is going. We don’t want the bounce house getting hit at its most vulnerable position. Although we see to it that the riggings are tight and secure, extra precaution such as keeping the bounce house in accordance with nature’s tide can be very reassuring.

Another thing is that the holidays are coming. With proper planning and preparation we are now ready for the Christmas season. Though early, we are already in high gear. We have made some adjustments in our operation on how we can shorten our response time, delivery time, and assembling time without putting your children in danger. We will not keep you waiting if you want our bounce house Boca Raton service. We will come on time.

We have several surprises for you this holiday season. We are adding more fun and frolics to our party collections and the food catering will be more varied and delicious. The snack foods will continue to give your children the source of energy that they require while playing.

It may rain during Christmas but that’s not an excuse to postpone or cancel the party. We have tents in different shapes and sizes. No matter how big the crowd, you’re all going to be accommodated with plenty of space to spare. You will find the occasion more festive with balloons and ribbons hanging everywhere together with Christmas lights and decors and everyone is attired with their favorite cartoon heroes and their faces painted with funny and enjoyable characters. Rain or shine, the fun will be the same. Our bounce house Boca Raton service has been in all types of conditions and have dealt with them without putting a damper to the celebrations.

So come Christmas time, our bounce house Boca Raton service will be ready anytime you want a memorable holiday celebration.

But we are still ready to serve you anytime before and after Christmas. Our staff will share with you all the great things that the holiday season brings. We will celebrate with you, laugh with you, have fun with you and share the wonderful time in peace and safety. We are ready for you.

Bounce House South Florida rentals will keep your celebrations full of fun entertainment

It’s fall and there are going to be a lot of celebrations going on during this season. South Florida Party Rentals is getting ready for the parties that usually are observed in relation to the occasion. Our Bounce House South Florida staffs have been upgrading all our inflatables and other fun toys to make your affairs truly safe from accidents and free from germs. We always give ample time when inspecting and repairing our equipment, which is our standard practice. We make it a point to include more equipment and improve our facilities to make your next celebration an occasion to remember.

Because of this, we are acknowledged as the most popular Bounce House South Florida rentals among the residents here.

Aside from the regular features, we invite you to add your own games such as volleyball or Frisbee. While your kids are having the time of their lives you can also enjoy among yourselves some sport activities. There is no limit to what we can do for your party celebrations, just ask us and we will include your request, as long as it is possible. Fall is such a wonderful time to stay outdoors and enjoy. This is the reason we encourage you to take the plunge and be with your kids, not act like passive spectators.

You don’t have to worry about the weather. We have an all weather bounce house South Florida set up. We have all kinds of tent sizes to accommodate everybody. As they say, the show must go on. It’s going to a wonderful time all the way. You can play bubble games, horse riding, train trips to nowhere, and even a karaoke session. We are always ready just in case the situation calls for it.

Foods, who asked for food? This is one of our many specialties. Snack foods are always part of every kid’s party event. Food machines such as hot dog stands, popcorn poppers, cotton candy weavers, and chocolate mallow splashes can really make the occasion even more enjoyable. It's party time and it should be a grand revelry of clean fun and delicious food. Everyone should have a great time. No kill joys allowed. We will see to it that you get your money’s worth, and even much more. We have nothing to lose by making you and your children happy. We are a service company and what we do is serve you to the best of our ability. What’s so hard about that?

Our bounce house South Florida party rentals will go all the way with you to keep you fully satisfied, more so your kids.

We have spent most of our working hours thinking of how we can improve our services at every party carnival. Our several years of rental experience have given us the ability to help you prepare your parties, hassle free.  You can rely on us to supply everything that your party needs such as tables and chairs, fine China, silverware, decors and what is needed to make it a total fine dining. You will enjoy our Bounce House South Florida Service’s gourmet foods and we assure you that they are clean and healthy. Tell us your party theme and we will decorate accordingly.

Bounce House Boca Raton has its hands full serving all kinds of organizations 

The popularity of bounce houses is beyond question. Everyone is jumping on the band wagon. Government agencies such as fire departments and police stations include bounce houses in their activities to ensure the success of events such as family day celebrations or awareness on their service promotions. Together with bounce houses, face painting and tattoos are also becoming the most popular addition to the party. Hospitals are also getting into the act. They do this for their open house festivities and personnel hiring programs. South Florida Party Rental’s Bounce House Boca Raton Service is very busy right now as more and more organizations and offices are discovering the attracting power of bounce houses.

We at South Florida’s Bounce House Boca Raton Services have been preparing for this eventuality because we know that bounce houses will become the number one source of party attraction for a long time to come.

Not to be left behind are church activities. The people running the events have found it necessary to include bounce houses to attract more participation among its members by making it livelier, happier and more festive. It’s the cheapest way of bringing more life to parties, and the safest as well. With a few dollars you’ll already have a center of attraction which will act as the glue to keep the party, celebration, or event enjoyable till the last minute. Tournament organizers are also including bounce houses in their events where the children of the participants can enjoy themselves, and it’s also very easy to monitor their whereabouts.

We also have a high presence in family celebrations. Our Bounce House Boca Raton Service is very active in family circles as we are with organizations, offices, institutions, and church groups. We give a premium to all our customers and no celebration is too big or too small for us. We will cater to all kinds of celebrations as long as they pose no danger to the health and safety of the participants.

For our part, our Bounce House Boca Raton Service is always making sure that all our bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, castles, trains and so on are in top condition, clean, and safe. We have enough to serve your bounce house requirements. Nobody is going to go away empty handed. We don’t say no to our customers just because we have limited bounce houses and other facilities. Unlike some of party rental providers, we at South Florida Party Rentals will never turn customers away.

You don’t have to bring tables, chairs, tents, plates, spoons and forks? We’ll provide you everything. We also include snack foods and catering. You’ll get a lot of savings if you book your event by choosing the party package which is right for the celebration.

We have made our mark in Boca Raton with excellent results, and that makes our Bounce House Boca Raton number one in the area.

You can contact us right away by calling on the phone or sending a message using our website. Our friendly and highly refined phone operators and chat responders will explain to you all you need to know about our offering. No waiting time; you’ll get your answers in a matter of seconds.

Bounce House Florida will always be there for you and your parties in order make them highly successful and productive.

Renting a bounce house is still the cheapest and most enjoyable way of celebrating children's parties. Our Bounce house Florida rentals never fail to bring joy and laughter to the kids who come and celebrate the occasion. We at South Florida Party Rentals have been called on to serve hundreds of children's celebrations and our hearts never fail to respond to the happiness that your children feel while they bounce, slide, and dunk those balls on the rings. We are glad to be in this kind of business and we promise to always keep our equipment clean and safe for your children.

We always see to it that we keep our promise every time we install a Bounce House Florida in your yard, in the park, in the church grounds, or in the office premises where you hold your carnivals.

Let us make this clear: We don’t charge wear and tear fees. The prices that we charge as rentals of the Bounce House Florida are final. We don’t collect other fees. We deliver, we install, and then we take it down again and bring it back to our office with no additional charges.

With rising prices on everything, some Bounce House Florida rentals can’t afford to accommodate supervisors to watch your kids while they’re playing. They’ve passed on to the parents to watch over their children. What they do is deliver the bounce house, install it, and leave the place. After the appointed time, they come and haul back the bounce house.

We don’t do it that way especially when it’s a big event. South Florida Party Rentals always sees to it that there’s somebody from our outfit to help keep things in order. This is especially so since more institutions are including bounce houses in their activities. Fire departments, orphanages, corporate promotional events, and church anniversaries include bounces as permanent fixtures without which the events may not be as successful.

Can we expect a rise in bounce house rentals soon? Possibly, with inflation rising higher between August and September compared to the previous months, the prices of bounces have also increased. If there are any price increases in bounce house Florida rentals, South Florida Party Rentals have not shown any inclination in doing so. But sometimes price increases are necessary to keep the operation not only viable but safe for everyone, especially for our children. However, don’t count on it happening soon.

Leave it to us at South Florida Party Rentals to supply everything your party requires, aside from bounce house Florida.

It’s a good time to create stronger bonds of friendship; increase your fun time collections of pictures and videos. Create more opportunities for those who need help. It’s as good time as any to show your generosity and become more adjusted to social life. Who’d think that bounce houses can create a lot of opportunities and goodwill. They’re one of the best inventions of the modern time. Their simplicity is also their strength.

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Bounce House Boca Raton keeps your children safe always

Sundays is a good day as any if you’re planning a church activity or whatever activity you may have in mind. People are dressed and ready after they attend masses and services. Going to the beach may require a change of attire, but attending parties may not. And if you want a good attendance to your events, mention that a bounce house or other inflatables are featured as part of the celebration.

And to make the affair more successful, you can rent South Florida Party Rentals’ Bounce House Boca Raton.

Other party fun attractions may include face painting, temporary tattoos, balloons, foods, obstacle courses, and giant water slides. You can plan the party with the company’s representative and use party fun toys which are the most sought after among the kids. Tents are also available when there’s inclement weather and tables and chairs will be easily made available if you need them.

You can also agree among your neighborhood friends for a get together. You can rent a single bounce house with several components to make it even more enjoyable for your kids. It has a giant slide, bouncing floors, and obstacle course rolled into one. You can bring your own inflatable swimming pools and movable basketball rings to the event. That way you won’t have to spend a lot and your kids will have a lot more to do. Parties don’t have to be expensive and South Florida party Rentals’ Bounce House Boca Raton will work together with you to help you save.

Although summer is officially over, the weather doesn’t seem to know it. The outdoors remains the place of choice among kids. Get them to enjoy some more away from their computers and other electronic devices. Bounce houses build their muscles and stamina. It also helps them improve their balance and coordination. Falling is a technique that should be developed by kids, and this they can do while playing in bounce houses.  This will help train them when playing in their favorite sports later. Falling is part soccer, volleyball, tennis, badminton and football among others. This is one aspect of bounce houses that has never been given serious thought by parents and coaches alike.

Jumping, on the other hand, is important in hurdles, long jump, and high jump just to name a few. Bounce houses are not just for enjoyment and recreation after all; though they are something for kids to enjoy during parties and celebrations, they’re also tools for training for future superstar athletes, who knows.

And in this connection, South Florida Party Rentals’ Bounce House Boca Raton is always making sure that your kids are safe and free from injuries.

Their Bounce House Boca Raton is subjected to rigid inspection and maintenance, and clean ups play the highest priority above everything else. Are you planning another party soon? Don’t forget to include a bounce house. A party is not a real party without them, at least for the kids. And we have the best in the business.

Bounce House South Florida, rain or shine, the party will go on.

Every party with lots of kids in it should have a bounce house to keep them at bay. Not that we don’t like our kids, they should have their own way of enjoying the occasion. If they don’t have anything to do, they’d get in the way and you wouldn't want your kids listening to the adults talk. That would be impolite and improper. But with a bounce house they’d be with their peers, enjoying every minute of bouncing and jumping; and, before they know it, it’s time for home. South Florida Party Rentals’ Bounce House South Florida will definitely fit the bill.

South Florida’s Bounce House South Florida has everything that’ll make your party a success not only for the kids but for you, the parents, too.

South Florida’s Bounce House South Florida has an all weather outdoor party implements to see to it that your party will still go on rain or shine. If it’s a sunny day, tables with giant umbrellas dotting the lawn are really something to behold. It’s a throwback to the old days when they were the fad of the day. It’d be nice to bring those bygone days back and eat under the sun with those colorful giant parasols as the only things between you and the sun.

And what if it rains? That’s not a problem either, they have big, beautiful and very colorful tents festooned with decorations replete with all the amenities that you and your guests will really enjoy. Also available are tables and chairs decorated to the hilt to endow the affair with a festive atmosphere. You and your guests will dine on their sumptuous and highly nutritious foods arrayed on a wonderful buffet table complete with all the adornment, comparable to those found in 5 star hotels. You will love the ambiance surrounding the affair and your guests will really thank you for the invitation.

There are several tent designs that you can choose from to match the celebration. Whether it’s a homecoming, graduation, birthday, anniversary, church function, school activity, or office party, there are always several options for the festivities; it’s the same thing with bounce houses. They are presented as castles, jungles, animals, trucks, and more. Bounce houses have evolved to become even more attractive and enjoyable. Aside from transforming them into different enchanting concepts, several other fun features were added into them.

Your children won’t have to fight over whose going to jump and bounce because there’s also a slide, an obstacle course and even a basketball ring where they can shoot the balls while waiting for their turn to bounce again. This is a welcome renovation that’ll bring more fun to the carnival and lesser expenses.

South Florida’s Bounce House South Florida thinks of everything and will do everything for you to make your affair a joyous occasion and a very satisfying one: for you, your visitors, and the children.

It’s easy to contact them. Send them an email or visit them. You’ll find them very friendly and decent people. You won’t have any problems in dealing with them. You’ll always get the priority attention. South Florida’s Bounce House South Florida is very efficient and helpful. You have all the right reasons to deal with them.